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Rice paddy terraces

Journey to Xining

After a few eventful days in Beijing, we packed up our bags and trudged through busy subway stations before arriving at Beijing West Railway Station. It was sad having to leave a city with so much history and culture so soon, but we knew there was still so much to come.

Thomas and Mercedes used their INCREDIBLE navigation skills to lead everyone out of the subway and outside so that we could get in a quick meal before boarding the train. For an early lunch, we stopped at the nearest small food court and devoured everything from spicy noodles to… less spicy noodles. As we explored the mall, we discovered an arcade, very large sunglasses, and wooden chopsticks that appeared to be much more effective than they were.

After these adventures, we rushed back to Beijing Railway Station and eventually onto our train. Once we boarded, we moved into our newest accommodations, pictured below!

Now, we’re going to figure out what to do for the next 20 hours…. Wish us luck!!

Sending lots of love to our families and friends reading these, and we’ll keep you updated as we go on!