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Ladakhi Scavenger Hunt

Howdy from Ladakh, friendos.

Today we were let loose in Leh, a beautiful Ladakhi city, on a scavenger hunt. Currently, Sam, Sophie, and I are chilling in an internet cafe. We just came from having tea in the Women’s Cafe, where we had an awesome conversation with Thinlas Chorol, the founder of the cafe, about Buddhism, and the former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir. One of our tasks was to buy a vegetable that none of us recognize. Sophie is a vegan, so she knows most vegetables and put us at a disadvantage. I still have no idea what the vegetable is, but the woman asked us for fifty rupees, and I told her thirty, because we are also supposed to try and spend as little money as possible. Sophie didn’t realize I was trying to barter, and said, “she said fifty.” Needless to say, my first attempt at bartering did not go as smoothly as I hoped.

We’re a little bit pressed for time, as we have to find our meeting place, but to all our biggest fans back home, we miss you, we love you, and we’re thinking about you!! (@ my mother (Jen) I broke one of my water bottles, sorry.) (Maria, Sophie hopes that your lunches have been good.) (Sam’s mom, your son had two nose bleeds in one day, so it’s all good up here!)

May the best group win.