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Rice paddy terraces

Monaster-ical Puns

What’s a monks favorite drink?

What did the instructor say to the student during the homestay briefing?
You Buddha Thangka your host!

What did the student say when they found out they would be trekking in the mountains for over 9 hours?
You gotta be Xining me!

Why was Zack cold on the trek?
Because he Lhasa his jacket!

Why does the monk love the Lakers?
Because of Labrang James!

What is the Shaman’s favorite movie?
James Bon.

What is his second favorite movie?

Monaster’s Inc.

What happens when Melissa is drinking too much of her favorite tea?
We Khata her off!

What do you miss most when you give up your ties to the material world?
All the Xiahe-ping!

What did the group discuss about picking a restaurant?
The pros and Khams!

What didn’t you buy those prayer flags?
Because it costs a Dharma-nd a leg!

What did Peter say when he was writing this Yak?
I Amdo-ne with these jokes, Tibet you are too!