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Morning in Leh

Here is yet another post about our morning scavenger hunt in Leh.

  1. Found the tourist information center and spent a few minutes trying to communicate in Hindi/Ladakhi/English/charades about where the information was. Received little information.
  2. Found the way into the center of town. Spun 98 prayer wheels at the Buddhist Association and Monastery. Attempted to ask multiple people questions. No luck. Directed eventually to a monk who explained the mantra “om mani padmi hum” who wrote it for us in Tibetan.
  3. Met a travelling couple from Greece and France who collectively spoke 10 languages. They directed to the Ladakhi Women’s cafe.
  4. Met Thinlas Choral who started the cafe in 2016 and runs a nonprofit travel company in the city. Last year, the cafe raised 30,000 rupees for at risk women in the community.  Thinlas talked with us as we shared mint tea, milk tea, and a local treat: Seabuckthorn juice. Yum.
  5. Bought a vegetable we cannot identify.
  6. Found the local post office and bought postcards and stamps to send home. Keep your eyes peeled– on the off chance that they make it home.

All in under two hours.

— Caroline, Marka and Kate