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Morocco in the News

Hi students,

We wanted to share some recent news articles about Morocco so that you can read some current affairs articles.  Please read the following according to your interest:


The New York Times – ‘All of Africa Is Here’: Where Europe’s Southern Border Is Just a Fence


The Diplomat – ‘Morocco: China’s Gateway to Africa?’


The New York Times – ‘Morocco’s D.I.Y. Dance Crews’


Reuters – ‘Morocco Reinstates Compulsory Military Service for Under-25s’


Reuters – ‘Moroccan Protest Leader Is Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison’


The New York Times – “A Construction Boom to Lure Visitors to Morocco’s ‘Red City’”


ConstitutionNet.Org – ‘Constitutional History of Morocco’


DemocracyNow – Four Days in Occupied Western Sahara


The Nation – Is Morocco Headed Toward Insurrection?


Africa is a Country – Tangier’s Jazzmen – and their phantom producer


Untie to Tie – Fatema Mernissi, a Glocal Feminist


BBC – Morocco Profile Timeline