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Students in a long tail boat in Indonesia. Photo by Aaron Slosberg, Indonesia Semester.

Q&A: New flight confirmation #

Could you please send us the new confirmation number for the China airline flights and seat sections.

Are you all sure the flight is completely out of any part of the typhoon’s path?  The latest update says it has turned into a category 5 with winds over 160mph!

Thank you. “Nervous mom”

Hi Courtney,

The reservation code and seat selection is different for a group booking (i.e. we can’t do it online like a usual individual flight). 

Flight updates:

  • 9/16/2018 – LAX to PVG – Flight – China Eastern Airlines (MU) – 578 @ 1:05 am: ARRIVED THIS MORNING AT 6 AM LOCAL TIME
  • 9/17/2018 – PVG to KMG via FOC – Flight – China Eastern Airlines (MU) – 5505 @ 8:45 am: SCHEDULED TO DEPART AT 8:45 AM THIS MORNING — ON TIME

Typhoon Mangkhut made landfall and so while it’s still a powerful storm system it is weakening. The airlines won’t fly if there is any danger and they are actually able to avoid storms (in some cases flying around them) well.

The group will be united with Shuier, Som and Steve today. Please keep your eye on this Yak Board for updates.