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Photo by Sampor Burke, Mekong Semester.


I am Livia and I was assigned to be the ‘journalist’ this week, so here we go!

We are now in a little village near Kunming (a 1.5 hour bus drive from Kunming), where we are getting to know each other, the instructors and the details on or upcoming journey. We are staying in a very nice (eco friendly) guesthouse, where we get all kind of lessons in what we should and shouldn’t do. Also we talked about the group dynamic, different roles there are within a group and we have set a couple of rules everybody has to respect etc.

Yesterday we talked about people expressing their opinion on certain (political) topics in the countries we are travelling through, and how it is not as free as in the west. Ted defined it perfectly by saying: “people have freedom of speech, that is not the question. The question is if they will still have this freedom after the speech…”

Tomorrow we are leaving to Kunming, where we will learn about immigration, after which we will take the night train (!) to Lijiang.

Rhank you for reading my first yak and see you next time!

Livia Ribbink.

(voor al m’n Nederlandse fans: ik heb waarschijnlijk over 3 dagen toegang tot mijn email en lees dan graag alle lieve emails in mijn inbox 😉 … zoals jullie hierboven kunnen lezen gaat met mij alles goed en begin ik steeds meer te wennen aan rijst in de ochtend en al hangend boven een bak naar de wc gaan…! xxx )