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Orientation in Moulay Idriss

Hello everyone, Michela here! This is our group’s first time at an internet cafe, so we have been having a few technical difficulties while we’ve been here and not a lot of us were able to get onto the yak board because of the computers. This week we have been staying in Moulay Idriss Zerhoun, a city in the interior of Morocco near Meknes and the ruins of Volubilis. We have been staying in a hotel and going through orientation for the past 5 days, but tomorrow, we are going to Fez. While we’re there, we’ll explore the medina (old city) and learn urban living skills like bargaining, traveling, and how to not get ripped off. So far, we’ve toured the capital city of Rabat and gone on some long train rides in both first and second class. We’ve already gotten lost, but a local helped us find our way back and gave us a short tour of the city. Yesterday we went to the ruins of Volubilis, an old Roman city that was abandoned by the locals in the 11th century when Moulay Idriss and Fez became centers of power. It was filled with old Roman columns in several different styles, including plain, fluted, and even spiral columns. It was quite hot, so after I was done exploring, I relaxed in the shade of the ruins and journaled while I waited for the group. The food has been good so far. My favorite dish that I have had is the traditional Moroccan salad, which consists of tomatoes, cilantro, and some red onions. It is very refreshing, which is a great relief from the hot weather we have been having. My other favorite food have been the green clementines.  They look like limes, but they taste like clementines except much more zesty.  The tap water is potable, but since we are not used to the germs of this new place, we still have to filter it.  Overall, the trip is off to a great start, and we are all excited to see what comes next

-Michela Laurin