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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

Pre-Course Assignment, of sorts

Team Him B,
It has been so lovely reading all of your introductions here on the Yak board. Getting to put your faces to names, and hear more about your interest and enthusiasm for coming to join us in Nepal has us all feeling wonderfully excited to meet you so shortly. While your introductions help give us insight as to facts about yourselves, we know that they only skim the surface of who you truly are.

Before you arrive in Kathmandu in less than two weeks, we would like you to take some time to yourselves to complete this two part pre-course activity of sorts. For the first part we would like you to read, or listen to, the This I Believe essay, Inviting the World to Dinner. After reading it, we would like you to think about what travel means to you; how does travel help define your identity in big or small ways? How has travel been a part of your life so far?

As a follow up, write your own This I Believe reflection. This does not need to be long, nor do you need to post it to the Yak board. We will share these during our first week at orientation together.

The second part of the activity is more Nepal specific.
Please research one part of Nepal that interests you (i.e. geology, diversity of religions, geography, economy, relationship with the US, etc.) Find five bullet points of information from this topic and record them so you can share them with the group. Next, write two questions about this topic that you still have.

Please bring both part one and part two of this “assignment” with you to Nepal.

Looking forward to sharing these together.

Your I-team