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Pre-Course Assingment: Delphine Diallo

Delphine Diallo is a French-Senegalese photographer who travels the world, using her photography as a way to explore a way of life in a distant area or portray a single subject. Diallo was raised in Paris where she would later attend the Académie Charpentier School of Visual Art. She originally worked in the music industry as a video editor, motion artist, and designer. Diallo left the music industry in 2008 to pursue a new career in photography and traveled to Saint-Louis, Senegal, where her father was raised. Here she began her work of exploring unique and fascinating cultures which would take her from the US, documenting Native American tribes, to Mongolia, where she photographed cultural wear and traditions. Diallo works to integrate activism into her photography and strives to empower women and minorities across the world by visualizing their experience. (her website which features all her collections and other assorted works)