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Saludos desde el lago!

Hola amigxs y familia!
Hello friends and familly!

We are at the shore of Lake Atitlan against a beautiful countryside, surronded by mountains. Here we are having our orientation, which is the time for the students to learn about safety and health, build cultural competency, get them excited about the itinerary and start to get to know each other as we will become an extended family for the next 3 months!

We are excited to see so much curiosity in these 12 individuals as they work together!

For our meals we have an amazing co-op of women from the comunity that have been delighting us with traditional Guatemalan food.  We also realized we have some cooks in the group and we have been dividing the breaksfast responsibilities between the group, so we have enjoyed amazing pancakes, latkes, and scrambled eggs!

You will hear more from us soon so stayed tuned!


The I-Team: Este, Jochen and Itzá!

PS: I am sorry for the lack of pictures, we will do our best to have more and with everyone in them the next time!