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Two Dragons welcome the sunrise with an improvised dance atop the Andes. Photo by Ryan Gasper.

Scavenger Hunt

Hola todos! We are participating in a scavenger hunt in the quaint town of Siampata. So far the trip has been a lot of fun and super busy.

Bolivia is beautiful and I´ve enjoyed getting to know the group. The foods is delicious and we are staying at this hostel on a farm that is equally parts beautiful and adorable. While the first day was kind of rough as I was exhausted from travel I had a great night sleep last night and enjoying the journey so far. Give my love to the pets  -Eliana

Since arriving in Bolivia, this is the first screen that I have seen. I have been surrounded by beautiful landscapes, delicious foods, and a brand new group of people to come to know. I was surprised at the  beauty of the farm we are staying at. Every meal we have had has been cooked by the women who run the place and has contained lettuce, fruits, vegetables, and eggs from the field outside our window. The house is lovely as well, with paintings on the walls and big wooden beams holding up the ceiling. All in all, our trip has been amazing and it is only our second day.