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Photo by Catherine Von Holt, Nepal Semester.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt (Libby, Harrison & Geoff)

Even though the view of the Himalayas was obstructed today, we were able to step outside the space and into the culturally rich city of Dhulikhel. Earlier in the day we were given a scavenger hunt to guide our exploration in this unknown place. Our first few interactions were short and sweet but yielding no fruit due to the immense language barrier. Then we came across two young children on their way home from school. They taught us five new Nepali words, we exchanged Namaste’s and thought the interaction was over. However Sudin and Roshni wanted to turn our three person team into a five person one. For the next hour they led us around Dhulikhel, sharing their culture, answering questions on the scavenger hunt, and playing jokes on us. In this moment we felt the small portion of the love and compassion that the Nepali people embody. Later on in the day we saw a father  laughing and playing with his young daughter(photo included) and witnessed again the pure happiness of the Nepali people. Today marked the first day of immersing ourselves in the vast culture here in Nepal and we are looking forward to the many days ahead of us.


*Photos by Harrison O.C. Bushnell