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Rice paddy terraces

Snapshots of China

China is both exactly and nothing like I imagined.

I’ve learned more Mandarin than I’ve ever known (ni hao!), have eaten more delicious new food than I ever have (thank you chopsticks), and – perhaps most surprisingly – I’ve been waking up naturally at 6:00AM. Who knew it was possible?

Here are some snapshots:
Pillows made of rice, becoming supreme dumpling master, xie xie, family-style meals/chopsticks for everything, traditional Chinese architecture, kind strangers, new/delicious food, a complex and wonderful group, and me.

Right now, I am the only constant. I’m excited to see what else around me will change, from food to people to surroundings.

I definitely miss home, in both expected and unexpected ways. But I’m glad to be here, living the life I’m living.

Sending all my love back home,