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Some pictures from the trip thus far

Here are some photos from our trip so far:

Photo 1: The group with Fatima Sadiqi, a professor of linguistics and gender studies.  She talked to our group for two hours about Islam, gender relations in Morocco, and current events.  She is the founder of the Center for Studies and Research on Women and the Gender Studies Program at Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University in Fez as well as the International Institute for Languages and Cultures.

Photo 2: The view of the old city (medina) in Fez from the top of our hotel (riad), where we ate breakfast each morning.

Photo 3: Our group did two days of hiking in the hills/mountains surrounding Immouzer Kandar, south of Fez.  Here is a picture of Grayson, Izzy and Nick at the pinnacle of that hike!

Photo 4: Instructor Keshet looks out at the view on the same hike.  Nick, Julia, Dashiel and Max in the background.

Photo 5: Our group with Hassan Oudadane who talked to our group about the history of Morocco and U.S. relations and the literature and culture sharing that has happened between the two.

Photo 6: Our group rests and eats lunch beneath a shady tree during our hike.