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Supplemental Packing Information

Hi students,

It’s nice to get the first two student introductions.  Thank you Nicholas and Julia.  We are excited to see the rest of your introductions soon.

Since we are planning on doing a trek in the High Atlas Mountains late in the season (actually starting on October 25th), we think you should bring more warm clothing than was listed in the previous packing lists.

What you should bring:

On the packing list you were told to bring a rain jacket and one of the following: long-sleeve shirt, light fleece, puffy, or sweater

You should also bring one additional warm layer (like a fleece, puffy, or sweater) and a nice shell or outer layer like an overcoat if you tend to get cold.  Also bring a set of thermal or long underwear, which can act as your “sleepwear”, and a warm hat and gloves (which can also be purchased in country if you’d prefer).

This can seem like overkill to our expectations about Morocco, but that country can actually be quite cold, especially later in the season, and at night.  Furthermore, much of the infrastructure is not set up for the cold, so dwellings can be drafty and unheated, which means that it can be really hard to get warm.  The daytime temperatures will be fine, but there may even be some snow in the High Atlas during the time of our trek, so temperatures will drop at night.

Some students have asked about waterproof boots or shoes for hiking.  It is nice to have waterproof or water-resistant shoes, but not all of them are, and it is okay to not have them too.  If you do bring non-waterproof shoes, please bring extra warm socks, as it is really important to get those feet warm and dry once out of the elements.

One final tip: students often say that they wished they had brought more comfortable, urban, street wear on Dragons trips.  While it is important to have some activewear/outdoorwear for trekking and rugged travel, much of our time will be spent in small villages, towns, or cities on this trip.  Consequently, please do bring some comfortable and appropriate urban clothing!