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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

The Name Game

Hi everyone! I am so excited to meet all of you very soon, but I’m also super nervous as well. I’ve actually never been backpacking! Eek! I’ve been to the mountaineering shop about 10 separate times this month trying to figure out the gear, and the salesperson doesn’t seem to have much faith in me. He watched as I struggled to get my sleeping bag into its stuff sack for 5 minutes. This included sweat and a lot of wallowing on the ground. Don’t worry, I’m a fast learner.


A little bit about me…

I play the guitar and sing. I wouldn’t say I sound like Adele, ya I mean I don’t know where I was going with that because I don’t sound like her at all. I sound like a cousin that didn’t get the singing gene, but that won’t stop me from belting out any Hamilton song (would love a duet partner to join me in Dear Theodosia). I will definitely miss playing guitar while I’m away, but hopefully I’ll be able to find one in one of our homestays. My favorite song right now is See You Again by Tyler the Creator, but most of the time I am listening to old Taylor Swift .

I wish I was more into running than I am, but I love getting active outside. I hate going on a treadmill or to a cycling class, though my friends try to get me to do both. Most of my time outside has been spent running on a turf field playing field hockey or lacrosse. I also am an avid skier.

I’m also very into photography, and love taking photos of others more than myself. I’ve also recently gotten into creating videos from my travels, so I will probably be filming a lot of moments will all of you!

My favorite TV show at the moment is Silicon Valley, but I also have watched the Office, New Girl, and White Collar multiple times through. In my expert opinion the best seasons are always Season Three.

My favorite food is probably ice cream. I actually got three cavities filled today, so maybe that will reveal how much of a sweet tooth I have.

See you all soon!!