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The Story of Berte

One day a group of four gringos were walking down the streets of Panajachel. There were many dogs. One dog was especially friendly. This dog followed the group for many blocks. They were flattered by the attention of the cute pup, but knew it should leave because no one wants fleas or rabies. They tried to shoo it away, but it wouldn’t go, so they gave it a name, Berto. Then as they reconvened with the rest of their traveling group, they realized she was a girl, so they called her Berta. Then they decided to be gender inclusive, so they changed the name again to Berte. Berte followed the whole group to where they waited for the bus to go back to San Antonio. When the bus came Berte snuck onto the bus with the group. Berte hid under the seats and refused to get off, she didn’t want to leave her new friends! Some passengers found amusement in her attachment to the group, others… not so much. Eventually when the bus stoped they lured her out of the bus with some food. It was sad to say goodbye to Berte, but everyone knew it was for the best. She ran off to join her dog friends, and the travelers continued back to San Antonio.