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This We Believe

Dear friends,

We three instructors are all together in Bandipur, Nepal, with our Program Director, Christy, and many of our friends in the South Asian Dragons community, working hard to put the final touches on our upcoming course. We recently participated in a group activity focused on articulating our beliefs and intentions, and we wanted to share some of the writing that we generated with you, since we will be doing some similar types of activities during the course.

These are some things we, as an I-team, believe about travel and experiential education:

  • That the goal is not to have all the answer but to have better/more refined questions
  • Making mistakes is part of learning and should not be avoided
  • There is a lesson in every difficult moment
  • That all of us, and all the people we will meet, are trying to live their best life
  • That there are many different types of intelligence and knowledge that are valuable
  • That it is important to be a good listener, and be respectful
  • That travel is a privilege and the opportunity to learn from it is a gift
  • That profound experiences approached with a sense of purpose and intent can have powerful results
  • That encountering difference with curiosity and openness can be transformative