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Two Chinos and One and a Half Gringos

Equipo celeste

Two chinos and one and a half gringos, a poem:

Walking down the street

Looking for a traditional Bolivian dish to eat

Trying to check tasks off the list

Is a great feat

It started to hail

We didn’t think we could prevail

But then our competitive nature kicked in

We channeled our Usain Bolt from within


Half of us have rain coats

A quarter of us don’t eat meat

Furiously scribbling notes

As we interview the people we meet


Sergio is our ray of sunshine

On a cloudy day

As he communicates his experiences

At the Universidad Mayor de San Andre(s)


Walking down Calle Santa Cruz

We buy incense and coca

Listen to a bruja tell us of the Pachamama

And ask two men about el baile Morenada


We can’t catch em all

But we can sure try

Wish us good luck

But don’t say goodbye


This was a poem written by Natalie, Miguel, Nicole, and Cody about their experiences completing a scavenger hunt in La Paz.