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Updated September Travel Itinerary

Dear family and friends at home,

Assalaam Aleykum from Saint Louis! We are just over midway through our stay in Mouit, and we have a brief itinerary update for those of you following from home. We’ve flipped our travels to Ndioukhane and Ndem/Mbacke Kadior, and our following few weeks of travel will now look like this:

September 10-12: Mbacke Kadior

On Monday, we will travel to Mbacke Kadior, the community where Berta lives. We’ll spend our time there working side by side with the community members, planting trees, preparing meals, and learning more about spirituality and service as it is practiced by local communities.

September 13-15: Ndem

In Ndem, we’ll have a chance to participate in artisan workshops and learn more about the development projects carried out in the Ndem community.

September 16: Thies

On the 16th, we will travel to Thies, where we will rest and prepare for our stay in Ndioukhane.

September 17 – 25: Ndioukhane

We will then travel to Ndioukhane, where we will spend a week engaged in various learning service activities with the local community.

Following our time in Ndioukhane, we’ll travel to Dakar and begin our Dakar Orientation.

We are excited to continue traveling together, and look forward to continuing to send updates from our adventures!

Jamm rekk,

Babacar, Berta, and Angelica