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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

Urubamba to Lares

Starting at a mere 9,000 feet we walked on the side of a jungle like river until it became the melt off from a glacier. It was amazing to see the transformation of the scenery as our pack mules and llamas truded past us. The arieros sped past us with the llamas with ease and it was amazing to know that they could do this 3 day trek in one day. As we got higher we could see the tree line slowly fade away and turn into packed down snow. While I was trekking I was dreading getting over each hump of the trek, but the views at the top of the mountain pass were beautiful. On the way down we saw alpine lakes glowing blue and alpine chinchillas hopping through the rocks. As we entered our guides village, the clouds parted away to give us a view of a massive glacier sliding down a 15,000 foot mountain. After that we ended by camping at Lares, a hot spring with mineral baths, a perfect way to end the trek.