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We are in Azrou

We have landed in Azrou and started our homestays. We have been here for 3 days. Each of us have our own Morrocan home now where we retire at night. We have host brothers. sisters. mothers and fathers. It depends on the individual family dynamics, of course, but what I find is universal across each person’s homestay is the strong warmth and care for our safety and comfort. Morrocan host culture is undoubtedly some of the warmest and most hospitable I’ve ever experienced or any of us has ever heard about. It is seriously amazing how willing they are to make sure you are clean, overfed, and comfortable at any moment’s notice. My host brother’s name is Yousthine. My host father has the same name and they always have English movies playing on TV and feed me until I say I’m full in Arabic at least three times. Each day we are being given more freedom to go explore the town of Azrou on our own. but our host siblings usually want to stay by our sides. All the host families are friends so they like us all to congregate. We will be here for the next two weeks, which is very good. I’m excited to see what the host families have planned for us and to explore further this majestic desert town of Azrou further.