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Photo by Catherine Von Holt, Nepal Semester.

We believe

We Believe

We believe that the names of people written into our hearts are more valuable than stamps put into our passports.

We believe that the stories of a chai-walla are just as important as the stories of Renowned politicians.

We believe that in order to deeply connect with the world we must choose how and when to disconnect from other parts of it.

We believe that humility is harder won and more meaningful than applause and awards.

We believe that there is equal value in tradition and modernity.

We believe in finding beauty and inspiration in the common as well as the grand.

We believe that to travel is both a privilege and a responsibility.

We believe that we know less than we think we do.

We believe that in order to find the right answers you must form the right questions.

We believe in kindness in response to anger, peace in opposition to war, and listening before speaking.