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Two Dragons welcome the sunrise with an improvised dance atop the Andes. Photo by Ryan Gasper.

We really out here!

It´s crazy to think that we only arrived yesterday morning [yak was submitted on Monday]. We arrived around 5am, very tired, but with open hearts. Our first introduction to Bolivia consisted of a three hour bus ride through a mountain pass near the basin of the Amazon river. Along the side of the road throughout the ride were chickens, dogs, people selling various products, and beautiful scenery. We could see huge birds circling at our own level since we were so high above the valley. Finally, we arrived to Samaipata, a beautiful town located at the very end of the Andes. Samaipata is a peaceful town, surrounded by mountains and greenery, with colorful houses and lots of dogs.

Since our arrival yesterday, we´ve been getting to know each other and our instructors and learning how to succeed in and adapt to Bolivia (without getting sick!). Most of our time has been spent in our little house, but right now is our first chance to actually explore the city. We are currently on a scavenger hunt and finding an internet cafe to post this yak is part of it. We are having a great time and we can´t wait for the rest of our adventure!

“hi mom” -Logan

“hi yoko” -Tabita

“say hi to lulu for me” -Mira

Hasta Luego!