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Your pre-course assignment is here!

Dear students,

As you prepare to join us in just over a week (yay!), there is something we ask you to think about:
If you had to choose one artifact to represent India, what would it be?
You can take an object, photograph, art piece, song, book, film, symbol, building, quote, etc that you have encountered before, or you can create your own representation in a medium that you feel you can best express yourself. Please choose/make only a single artifact.

We have not provided specific examples because we would not want you to be primed and limited by them. Trust your interpretation of the prompt and trust that we are interested in hearing an interpretation that is uniquely yours!

Your first assignment is to arrive ready to share with the rest of the group your artifact (or most likely an image of it) and tell the story – in 3 minutes – of why you chose it. This is not meant as a research assignment; ideally, your artifact would speak to your budding relationship with India. In your story, try to touch upon the following questions: What does your artifact capture about India? What does it leave out? What makes it a good representation?

Hope you will enjoy curating this one-exhibit show!


Your instructors