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A Mitad del Camino

At the half-way point of our journey together some things have surprised us, some things have awed us, some things have raised questions, some things have seeded feelings, some things have sparked ideas.  The first few weeks of our program have no doubt been different than any of us could have imagined.  They have been shaped by the contours of time, space, nature and our eager desires to learn, explore and enjoy.

During mid-course we had the chance to come back together to look at ourselves and our program from afar and let the many reflections guide us forward.  Our 3 days in Salcajá included time for reflection, feedback, rooftop patio hangouts, visits to churches and a Mayan sites in K’iche territory.

Since the beginning of our journey together we have found as much joy as we have found critical ways to help support and build each other up stronger for the next exciting phase.  As we move along with our program to embark on treks, visits to cities, remote communities, amazing projects and ecosystems, we are held and supported by the friendships we’ve made along the way and the relations that we will continue to nurture.

We are happy to have reached this point and are looking forward to all the weeks to come will gift us along our path.

Today we depart for a two day, one night trek in the cloud forest.  Students will share more updates upon our return!