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Trek View on Nepal: Himalayan Studies Gap Year Semester with Where There Be Dragons

Big Transitions and A Fresh Beginning

Sunday evening we all joined with our new friends and family in Balamchaur, sang a chorus of songs to each other, and stayed up late with an energetic, village wide dance party.

On Monday morning, amid hugs, tika, flower garlands, and well wishes, we departed from the various comforts and many joys experienced during our two weeks of village farm-stay living in Balamchaur.

We then enjoyed a brief stop-over in Pokhara city to shop for some Trekking essentials (warm clothing and lot of snacks!), and a big celebratory dinner of dumplings and pizzas.

Yesterday afternoon, we rode a bus an hour north of Pokhara, practiced camp set-up, and engaged in an impassioned discussion of collective expedition expectations.

And this morning, our group of young, intrepid travelers finally set out walking the paths in the shadows of the highest mountains in the world. They have been waiting months in anticipation of this mountain trek: in search of camaraderie, adventure, and wisdom (dare we say?), in the tradition of the many Himalayan pilgrims that have traveled these ancient mountain roads before us.

Today is a happy day! All members of our group are healthy, having become stronger in body and spirit from the clean air, fresh water, local hom=ecooked food, kind community and (light) farmwork in the village.

Today is also Halloween! We have some special treats and scary stories to share with each other tonight, under the stars and the imposing splendor of the towering crags of Macchapuchare Peak.