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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

Boca Pariamanu

Hola a todos desde Cuzco, Peru!

After a 10 hour bus ride from Puerto Maldonado, we are now enjoying our last 2 days in Peru. For the last week we lived in the outdoors all day and all night. Our sleeping area consisted of a roof and no walls! We slept in bunk beds covered by a glorious, lifesaver mosquito net. Carla, our chef/mom for the week fed us beautiful food that reminded me of my grandma. And the humid weather made my legs and feet very swollen, plus I was gifted by nature around 100 mosquito bites of all sizes. Our impermanent home of Boca Pariamanu is a community with 12 families that around 50 years ago decided (maybe were forced to, I am not sure) to join the “real” world. Like many small communities we have visited, they are mostly independent from the “real” world. They grow their own food, own medicine, and own construction materials to build their homes. There are no roads that will lead you to them, only a boat ride with nice views.  This particular experience reminded our group how simple life can be if you keep your belongings to a minimum. Most of us had one outfit for the whole week and were as happy as we could be. If we were hungry? No pantry full of wrappers, only trees full of fresh fruits. You wanted to shower? Water flow was poor, just grab a bucket and fill it with some water and enjoy!

We are constantly reminded of how wonderful life can be, if you choose to live it. So thank you to everyone (parents, siblings, friends, teachers) who have been fully supportive to let me, and my new friends enjoy the present moment.