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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

Change of scenery

I live in the Netherlands, a country with 17 million inhabitants all cramped up together in a place the size of Connecticut.

I saw a falling star for the first time on this trip because I am not used to darkness.
I ate a fruit I just got from a tree for the first time because nature is less important than living space in the Netherlands.
I know more names of the residents in Boca than the people who live in my street back home, because nobody has the time.

Going outside the city and thereby stepping outside of my comfort zone was a great experience for me.
I became more in touch with nature and I learned more about the happiness you get from living in a community.

I would never think that I would want more darkness.
I would never think that I would like to grow my own food.
I would never think that I would crave less people surrounding me, but I do now.