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Checking in from Varanasi

Dear friends and family back home,

Time has been flying for us, and we have already passed our first week here in the holy city of Varanasi. The group has spent time touring historical and religious sites, taking an early morning boat ride on the Ganges River to see the arati, or ancient sunrise fire offering to the river, having some lessons and discussions focused on Hinduism, and hosting a fantastic performance of traditional dance and music in our program house. Everyone is having a great time with their new homestay families, Independent Study Project mentors, and other new friends and teachers from around the city.

Find attached photos of the whole group on the day we arrived here, the dance performance, students walking around an old market during our first student-led excursion into the city, our boat ride on the Ganges, and a shot from the Banaras Hindu University campus where students often go for morning walks.

With thanks and gratitude,

– I-team