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Rice paddy terraces

Chengdu Pundas

What do you do when it gets dark in Chengdu? You Sichuan the lights!

What happened when Bennett fell into the bear exhibit at the zoo? It was PANDAmonium!

These puns may be horrible but what CHENGyaDU.

What do you use to keep your hair back in Chengdu? A pandana.

What did the reader the say when they were halfway through the yak about Sichuan puns?
I can’t ChengDO it!

What’s a ghost panda’s favorite food? bamBOO shoots.

What is a dogs favorite thing to eat in Chengdu? Hot Pawt.

What do you call a non-interesting panda who also played Quarterback and kicker for the Oakland Raiders? A George blanda

What did the instructor say when the students wanted to see the Alamo on their x-phase?
San Antoni-NO

What did Chancellor Palpatine say in the Star Wars movie set in Sichuan province?
“ChengDO it!”

What is the most popular Chengdu playground game?

Where do residents of Chengdu put their cars?
People’s Park!

What did Adam say to Eve when Adam thought it was past midnight on December 24th but his watch was ahead so it was actually still 11:59pm on December 24th?
It’s Christmas, Eve! (Not relevant to Chengdu but still a gem)

What did Madeleine say to Muskaan when she almost put ten numbing peppers into her mouth? Huajiao-t!

What is the tag line of the swindling panda? You’ve been Bamboozled!

Why is the ghost afraid of hot pot? Because it’s too spooo-cy!

What do you call a male panda in our group?