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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

Daily Life in Urubamba

After our orientation at the beautiful and tranquil Ccatan Ecolodge and our high altitude trek to Lares, it was time for some daily routine.

On Monday, we met our new host families and were introduced to our new homes. Most students were quite nervous about entering into family households, especially as for many it was the first time.

These fears quickly dissipated however as we were so warmly received and given delicious meals. It really is the best way to appreciate a culture and learn a language by being fully immersed and living with the local people.

On Tuesday, we started Spanish classes. By this time, most of the students felt somewhat settled in to life in Urubamba and ready to gain more and more language skills.

Our teachers , Frank (also an Instructor), Reyner, Miriam, and Maria Theresa, have separated us into groups to focus on our specific needs and the Spanish conversations are becoming easier and more frequent.

On Wednesday, we learnt about agro-ecology and traditional Andean farming from Julio, Juan and Aaron at the Eco Huella Farm which works closely with the Andean Alliance. (

On Thursday we actually got our hands dirty and learned to turn over the soil ready for planting and on Friday we carefully placed lettuce, tomato and zucchini into our freshly composted beds.

Tomorrow we are going to learn about weaving as part of our first mini expedition phase.

More posts and photos to come!

Hasta luego.