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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

Embracing the Jungle Life…

I found the jungle somewhat overwhelming. The sounds of birds in every direction, the infinite array of shades of green and the sticky heat on my skin. At the same time I found time to appreciate the beauty in the simpler things around me. The taste of a pure cacao bean that had just been picked off a tree or the feeling of breathing in cool damp air at the crack of dawn. I regained an appreciation for silence and for the time in between. For the moments that I walked alone through the trees or the early hours that held nothing but the sounds of the birds around me.

I held the earth with my own two hands. Felt the breathe of Silver Beak Tanagers through my fingertips. Walked for hours through miles and miles of lush greenery.

This week of the semester was by far the hardest for me personally. I am certainly not one who thrives in heat. I am a city girl just as much as I am a mountain girl. However, I learned to love the jungle over time. Finding comfort in my discomfort allowed me to truly take in everything around me. I left with a whole new appreciation for the Amazon and all the life it holds.

Feeling happy and full of life as we spend our final hours here in Peru.

With love from Cusco,