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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

End of first homestay

Hello yak and family,

Today is the last night of our first homestay. Its gonna be sad leaving, I got really close with my host family and especially my host brother. I taught him a card game I play back home with my family and we play all the time, and yesterday during our day off from classes he made a list of stuff he wanted to do with me and we just went around Urubamba in the plaza and near the house and chilled. He even introduced me to his friends and everything. I think it will be hard for both of us when I leave because we were able to establish so much trust and make so many inside jokes in the short time we were together. But that is the way it is I guess. We are going to Parque de las Papas tomorrow and as the name suggests, I expect we will be eating a lot of those over the next 5 days. I made sure to stock up on plantain chips and other snacks at the market today for the next 5 days but as my group can attest my feeble stash will not last the 5 days. That said although it will be super sad to leave Urubamba  and the host family here I am excited to move on and see more of Peru and the different and exciting environment of the Parque de las Papas.

I guess that is all for now,