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Face of the Maya

To get to the face of the Maya, You must walk though many coffee farms, then through someone´s coffee field. You are bushwacking through many coffee plants, then you feel something change in the air. All of a sudden you look down to your right and see this huge face that has been in that one spot for thousands of years.

I went with my homestay dad early in the morning. With the sunrising, peakin through the trees, and fresh morning mist in the air. I then came in contact with this piece of history hidden away. My host dad, Rubin, then explained to me that this is the statue of someone important to the Maya. However they are unsure who the face is of and how old the face is because there has been no archeological investigation. However, the people know that this statue is from the Maya because of the stories passed down from their abuelos or abuelas.

I felt a moment of great weight and privilege to be taken by Rubin to see this piece of history and culture that is his, my host families, and all of San Juan´s.