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Rice paddy terraces

From Beijing to Liqu

Tibet was once one of the most isolated nations in the world. It’s harsh climate coupled with its impressive natural border of the Himalaya mountain range made traveling here quite difficult. When China staked claim to Tibet their first goal was to bridge this gap and make it easier to access the Tibetan Plateau. Railways were built to Lhasa and other major cities inside and outside the official Tibetan Autonomous Region.
Xining, an old trading town on the famous Silk Road, received one of these railways. Nowadays it’s a mere 20 hour train ride from Beijing to the city of Xining. It was a super comfy trip. We even got beds! And a complimentary language lesson from Madeleine! Known as a crossroad of culture Xining is home to a large Hui Muslim population as well as many Amdo Tibetan Buddhists.
From Xining we headed to Labrang Monastery to get an introduction to Tibetan Buddhism and to start our trek to Liqu.
Here’s a short video I took of our travels from the mega city of Beijing to where we currently are, the quiet village of Liqu on the Tibetan Plateau. On the 4th we’ll continue our trek to the town of Rebgong.