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Trek View on Nepal: Himalayan Studies Gap Year Semester with Where There Be Dragons

From Kathmandu to Bhandipur to Balamchur.

Pic no.1: Boudha!! While in Kathmandu, Boudha quickly became one of my favorite places to go during free time. Not only was it a 15 minute walk from my home stay, but the rooftop cafes had incredible views, and almost all of them sold blended mint lemonade, the perfect sip during golden hour.
Pic no. 2: (almost) everyone at Swayambhu! This was my excursion / breakfast crew’s place of choice for the whole group to visit on our final Sunday before leaving for mid-course, village home stays, and trek. I think it was a hit aside from the fact that I had to fend myself off from two monkeys, losing my entire bag of dried dates and my mint lemonade to them in the process.
Pic no. 3: Everyone’s trekking bags in our hotel in Bhandipur for mid-course. I’d like to think I had one of the lightest bags… but we’ll see how much less my bag weighs once I finish my snickers stash while in Balamchur.
Pic no. 4: The absolutely stunning view from a mountain we all trekked while in Bhandipur. Probably also another one of my favorite places.
Pic no. 5: Things I see when walking back to my house in Balamchur for 2nd lunch. We’re finally starting to get closer to the Himals, and I can feel their presence wherever I go while in the village. I’ve never seen anything like them. Every morning I’m in awe. We can see a 180 degree range of the Annapurna Conservation Area. If you’re wondering what our food schedule looks like while in the village, I can fill you in. Brace yourself. Biscuits and tea with our home stay families around 7 AM. Then, more biscuits and tea with the whole group at 7:30 / 8 AM. First lunch at 9:30 AM with home stay families. 2nd lunch at 12:30 with the whole group. Tea again with home stay family. Tea and biscuits again at 3 with group. Dinner with our home stay family at 6:30. Each meal comes served on a metal plate bigger than the size of my face. Rice, lentils, veggies, and buffalo meat (because it’s Dasain) for every meal. People say serving sizes in the US are crazy? Come to Balamchur. You’ll never be hungry.