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Group Update about trip to Dene

Dear Loyal Readers,

Our Senegalese adventure has been very enjoyable and relatively smooth for the past week. There has been some sickness, aggressive sunburns, and strong fatigue, however this is nothing we can’t handle. This week the group traveled to Dene for 3 days. Dene is a small but beautiful village right next to the beach. There was an Imam who was looking to purchase land to start a village where he could practice and teach Islam. He had a vision of another man walking, and he followed that man until he reached the place where Dene currently resides. He indicated to purchase the land, and this he did for just 100$. People came to him to learn his way of Islam and they helped him build the land from nothing. Our group was lucky enough to sit in on the Imam preaching to the kids. He discussed how women are superior to men and how God was a woman. At night we would lay on a mat or dance around a bonfire while the locals played the drums (along with Chris). During the day we would have classes about the different practices of Islam and the 5 pillars. We studied, relaxed, swam, danced, drummed, and overall immeresed ourselves in their culture and foreign practices.


We left Dene after breakfast and headed to the pink lake, a salt lake where they mine and sell all types of salt. The lake is so buoyant that not only can a boats hold a literal ton of salt, but it’s so strong it will cut your skin. They used to let tourists swim in the lake, but it was so painful that they stopped letting them swim. After, we went to a tortoise reserve. We didn’t have an official tour, so little knowledge was gained, however it was very entertaining to watch these old creatures eat veggies. Our final highlight of the week was that the group discovered a bakery that sells Boston cream doughnuts. It’s hard to truly express how great a discovery this was, but it’s on a similar level of a needle in the haystack.


For classes in Thies, we had a strong political discussion with “the ugly man” as samba likes to call him, we all know him as Mboulle. We also had a dance class which was a bit of a learning curve for us. It was difficult in many ways but the group pulled through better than ever.


That is all for this week! Be sure to stay tuned next week for the many adventures we have planned.