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Halloween Haunts

Since this Halloween we are in the City of Light, Might, and Death, we thought it would be only appropriate to post a Yak about the spooky happenings in Varanasi. Happy Halloween!

Sophie: When you’re walking down the street and have to decide between being hit by a rickshaw, or being slapped by a cow’s tail.

Esmé: Late at night, I was brushing my teeth and could hear the howls of stray dogs in the streets when I realized… I had rinsed my toothbrush under the faucet with Ganga water.

Isabel: Cockroach, yes it happened. I am scarred. Here is the saga because you know it is one. So one night this past week, I head into my room to get ready for bed and I pick up my dupata so I can hang it or fold it. As I do so, I see it scuttle under the cushion of the chair. I nearly screamed but held it in and did what I can only describe as a series of frantic high knees across the room. So at this point I’m freaking THE FRUIT out and realize I have two options on how to deal with this tragedy: a) get help and b) pretend it didn’t happen and suffer with not knowing what happened to it. I chose b thinking I had to be a big girl now and not embarrass myself in front of my family. So I go to brush my teeth while my heart rate is climbing and I’m barely breathing. When I get back, I see this FRUITING BUG IS STILL THERE. Like, I thought it would have ran away but this stupid son of a business man is ~chilled~ out. Upon seeing it again, I basically went into cardiac arrest and made the executive decision to get mom or dad. So I go out and start nervously giggling to my mom about a bug in my room. She’s unphased and then my dad comes home and she tells him to go take care of it. And he’s like, “oh a roach? He needs a family too you know. Namaste!” I have negative amounts of humor when in this situation so I’m like in the doorway shooketh. He can’t see it and I’m like, “its there! its there!” and then he picks up the cushion and fruiting TOSSES it out the door aka AT ME, bruh. So I run out of the room towards our front door and I’m freaking so much my mom is laughing and I’ve lost a visual on it which is adding so much stress to the situation and he KICKS IT OVER TO ME ON THE FLOOR. I’m like why hasn’t he ended this thing already????!?!!!?!?!? So I squeal across the room and he kicks it out the door. Then he was like I’ll never kill anything, I don’t even take antibiotics if my stomach is upset because it kills the bacteria that are in there. I was like…. respect, but…. kill that shmit. Now we have an agreement that I will always come get him if there is another one because I told him I can’t deal with it.

Julia: First of all, when you have to give a stool sample in India. Second, when your tests come back and you have E. Coli in your guts.

– Boo!