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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

Itinerary change for our time in Peru

Parque de la Papa

Hello Friends and Family,

Here’s a pequeño update on our itinerary change in Peru.

Parque de la Papa (Oct 2-7) Tomorrow we will be heading from Urubamba towards Pisac and up into a community called Parque de La Papa. In Paru Paru we will be exploring agriculture techniques,native potatoes, staying in rural homestays and taking several day hikes to explore the lakes and mountains that will surround us. During our time here we will have limited connectivity and instructors will be sending updates to the office via the satellite phone and perhaps an occasional whatsapp chat.

Machu Picchu (Oct 8-10) We will spend a day to get to Machu Picchu driving from Urubamba to the hidro-electric plant to camp out at the base of Machu Picchu and then another full day traveling by foot and transport back to Cusco. Full of history and mystery, Machu Picchu has much to teach us in terms of what it used to be as one of the greatest Inca citadels and what it has come to symbolize today as one of the most visited destinations in South America. Here we’ll dive into ancient history and also examine the effects of tourism on modern day Peru.

Fauna Forever (Oct 11 – 21) In drastic change from the mountains around the Sacred Valley we’ll find ourselves in Puerto Maldonado, a booming, tropical town and the gateway to our Amazon adventure. Traveling by boat in the Amazon River Basin we will arrive at the indigenous community of Boca Pariamanu and work in conjunction with the conservation organization Fauna Forever. Fauna Forever is a biological research organization seeking to document the incredible biodiversity this region has to offer, and support conservation initiatives.  The community will kindly invite us to be guests and participate in daily activities such as fishing, weaving, and walks in the jungle. We’ll use our time here to study issues related to tropical biodiversity, natural resource use in the Amazon, and lowland indigenous culture.


After our time in Peru we’ll be headed to Bolivia to arrive in El Alto on the 23rd of October to participate in Midcourse activities and we will stick with the rest of the itinerary as planned. We’ll keep you posted if anything changes!

Teatro Trono (Oct 24 – 29)

Cordillera Real Trek (Oct 30 – Nov 4)

Tiquipaya Homestays (Nov 5 – 25)

Expedition Phase and Student-led Trek (Nov 26 – Dec 2

Transference (Dec 3 – 6)


Thanks for following us on our journey!

Lxs Instructorxs