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Itinerary Update and Interactive Google Map

Salaam Alekum, sunuy xarit and mbokk,

Peace be with you, our friends and family,


This week is many things at once. A time to say goodbye, exchange email addresses, take family photos, and soak up time with our homestay families in Thies after 4 beautiful weeks together. A time to look forward, pull out the map, double check out packing list and break in our trekking shoes for the next few weeks exploring the mountains of the Fouta Djalon in southeastern Senegal and northern Guinea. A time to transition, mark midcourse, assess our goals, take a moment to reflect on what we’ve been rockin’ at and where we can do even better.

Below is an updated itinerary for the second half of the course – including an updated interactive Google map featuring Thies favorites!

On Saturday, October 20, we’ll be loading up the bus and locking up our Thies program house for the last time. 10+ hours of travel will take us from Cap Vert to the Fouta Djallon in the far southeast. Students have had opportunities to connect with family and friends at internet cafes over the past 4 weeks in Thies. As we head south, we’ll travel through more rural regions. The lack of infrastructure will be a sharp contract to the urban environment of Thies. We’ll be immersing ourselves in nature and in rural communities. Students will have an opportunity to visit an internet cafe from Kolda, around November 11, before we transition from our exploration of the Fouta Djallon to our rural homestays in Temento Samba. In the mean time, stay tuned for updates on the yak board!


October 20: Thies-Kedougou
October 21-22: Kedougou
October 23-27: Trekking in Kedougou region
October 28: Kedougou

October 29-30: Kedougou Senegal-Maliville Guinea
October 31-November 2: Maliville Guinea
November 3-6: Trekking in Douki Guinea
November 7-9: Homestays or Community Stay in Timbi Madina

November 10: Travel Timbi Madina Guinea-Kolda Senegal
November 11-23: Homestays in Temento Samba Senegal

November 24-30: X-Phase in The Gambia
December 1-5: Transference in Toubab Dialaw