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Keshet’s Meadow Meditation

Yesterday while we were overlooking the peaceful valley in Zouaite Ifrane, our instructor Keshet kindly offered to lead us in a contemplative meditation exercise while we basked in the sun.  We began by laying in the meadow, and started by quieting our minds and focusing on our breathing.  We listened to the quiet gurgle of the stream, and imagined the cool water rushing over us.  We focused first on our feet, our strong, sturdy feet, and thought about how they carry us everywhere and bear our weight without complaint.  We focused on the tension in our feet, squeezed, and then released.  We then moved on to our calves, and thought about how they enabled us to climb the mountain, and come to this beautiful place.  We held the tension, squeezed, and then released again.  We continued like this through our whole body, until finally, we gave ourselves one last great squeeze encompassing every muscle, and then released into the earth, and contemplated the breeze, and the stream, and the sun, and gave thanks that this moment existed and we were there to experience it.