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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

Macchu Picchu

Walking along the trains tracks in the bliserting heat we could see the ruins of Macchu Picchu from the very start of our hike. We were so close but had to do a complete semi circle around the moutain. After hours of walking we finally made it to the campsite where stray dogs fought and massive bugs the size of my palm flew around the camp grounds light. We waled into the ski resort reminiscant town of Aguas Calientes and got to see first hand the effects of tourism on this remote part of the cloud forest. The next day we walked up over 1,500 stairs in an hour to make it to the actual sight. It was great learning about what the Incas used this citadel for while walking around the crowds. When we got to the top it was all covered in clouds, but they parted perfectly to our surprise. This was a perfect end to our hike.