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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

Machu Picchu or a giant white cloud??

Ah Machu Picchu! The majestic Incan site surrounded by lush vegetation, steep mountains and never ending white mist. After making our way up what felt like thousands of oversized steps to reach the top of the iconic site one would hope that the beautiful views would be visible from the start. Unfortunately not.

Out of breathe and covered in sweat it was hard to look over at where the ruins should be to see nothing but an endless white mist. Perhaps this was all we were going to see for today. As cameras were passed around to capture smiling faces in front of a misty background the group joked that these were the images that we would return home with.

However! Just as we all thought we would not catch a glimpse of the beautiful ruins the mist lifted. It was a moment like no other. Suddenly ALL of Machu Picchu was visible and every member of the group let out a a cry of joy. Jumping, screaming and laughing from every direction as we finally had the chance to see what we had been waiting for.

Was a little bit of a miracle in the mountains. Believe it or not but somehow the magical moment was caught on camera…