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Mini-Excursion to Mbacke Kajor and Ndem: October 10-12

Someone very wise once told me that you can’t come home unless you dare to leave. After just a few short weeks, Thies feels like home. We have our program house, a (fairly regular) daily routine, big family lunches with the group and big family dinners in homestays, and familiar faces along our regular routes.

After our mini-excursion to Dene (check out some of our photos from our weekend at the daara or Koranic learning community – including some time in the ocean and a bonfire with chanting! and stay tuned for updates from participants about their experience…), we have barely unpacked our bags and done laundry before heading out on another short adventure.

Wednesday October 10-Friday October 12, we will be visiting two sites that are also centered around daaras. The daara of Ndem is also spearheading a construction effort of a larger center in the nearby town of Mbacke Kajor. We will have an opportunity to visit both sites and to engage with community members. In Mbacke Kajor on Wednesday, we will be focused on learning about the large-scale effort to build a koranic learning center. And in Ndem on Thursday and Friday, we will be looking at development through spirituality as we learn about the daara’s development efforts in their own village as continuing their religious work.

Photo 1: But, oh! The sunsets!

Photo 2: Bug huts all lined up. Such incredible views of the stars!

Photo 3: Group discussions on the ever-present green and black mat. This mat is also our main seating in our program house too, and it’s nice to bring our classroom with us 🙂

Photo 4: Beach vibes.

Photo 5: Everybody becomes a kid in the ocean.

Photo 6: Making new friends.