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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

Never Have I Ever……


This is my first yak, so we will see how this goes!

Since September 15, I have been doing so many things that I have never done before. I am super stoked about all that I am doing/have done up to this point. This trip is really helping me (and hopefully everyone else too) take a step back and really seize every day and appreciate small things!

Here is a little summary of the new things, people, and places that I have been experiencing:

Never have I ever (before this trip)…

gone on an overnight trek with camping, been a part of a cook team that prepares meals for around 20 people, been in such a small Spanish class, had mules carry my pack, had an intestinal infection (I am back to 100% now:)), stayed with a homestay mom (Soledad’s house has been mine for the past 8 days or so), gone to Pisac, Ollunta, Urubamba, or Cusco (or ever travelled to South America for that matter, so each city is completely new to me!), been free from stress like never before my stress is now making sure that I’m taking advantage of all the opportunities, so I would say that is a good stress to have), been away from home for so long, watched movies dubbed over in Spanish in my free time (so far Soledad and I have watched Planet of the Apes 3 and The Worst Week), been in natural hot springs in the mountains (Lares is not the same as my experience at  the Blue Lagoon- great but different), eaten corn where each kernel is as big or bigger than my thumb nail (called Choclo), been unable to contact my family/friends when relatively convenient for me, tried cacao, heard/learned any Q’echua, had so much tea, tried coca leaves, or had to pack so many layers with me at all times (especially on treks).

I could definitely list more things we have all done and tried, but my thoughts are super scattered so this will have to suffice for now!

Off to Parque de la Papa tomorrow with limited internet access (or none), so I will be back after that:)