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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

Obligatory yak

we were given multiple prompts to answer for this yak

I will not take away many photos of the jungle because I forgot to charge my camera. Instead I take away the experience of truly  connecting with members of a community. I take away the fact that I have great hair, as the members of the community loved it and talked about it and even started calling me Brazilero because I have curly hair. Having a nickname is something I see as general acceptance by the community which is another thing I will take away from the jungle. I learned never to trust a leaf that Jorge gives you to chew as it may be a prank, and I also learned how to make hot coco out of pure cacao. I learned about the process for tagging and processing birds, and to observe mammals in the jungle. I learned how to weave a basket too. I gained a new respect for communities that live off of the land, away of life where fruit trees belong to the community and there is trust in each member not to abuse it. I also learned how my way of life is wasteful back home and hope to change it.