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On The Way To City Of Light ..

Namaste everyone!

What a wonderful way to finish the first part of our journey in Ladakh! Days were  filled with excitement, joy and laughter in the Himalayas and we got to learn so many things: visiting many many monasteries, learning about Buddhism, and doing a beautiful trek in the Markha Valley (during which we spent one of the coldest nights!). And we had great thank you party 🎉 for our guide and for ourselves in congratulations! Now we are ready for our next journey, including our upcoming train ride!
Before this, we flew to Delhi and explored and bought some nice traditional Indian 🇮🇳 dress and had lovely South Indian food called dosa. Now we are sitting at train station and we are playing Mafia because our overnight train is running an hour and 15 minutes late.

Once we arrive in Varanasi , we are going to take private taxis to our guest house, which is a 45 min ride from the train station. There we will have a mid-course retreat for a few days, followed by our one-month long homestays in Varanasi. There we will take Hindi lessons, get started with independent study projects (ISP), and learn about the holy Ganges river and try many cuisines from the oldest living city on Earth!

Thank you,
Team India