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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

Paru Paru

The views in Paru Paru were so stunning that when we arrived people thought that we were looking at a Mac screensaver. My experience there was more different than anything else I have ever experienced. Although I felt cold pretty much the entire time and I felt very far from home, I was so thankful to live with the community for five days. I learned so much about the agricultural cultivation of poatoes and tubers. The potatoes that stood out the most to me were the potato that cries blood and the puma claw. Yeah, those were the nicknames for some potatoes! I also found it amazing how almost every illness or injury had a plant to cure it. This is so different from the western medicine I am used to taking when I have a headache. It leaves a lot to aspire to because everything in Paru Paru is all natural and without chemicals. I cannot wait to take off for Machu Pichu tomorrow and continue to learn about Inca culture!


Until next time.